Seattle Seahawks vs. Washington Redskins Preview

The 2012-2013 NFL Playoffs are officially upon us, and that means that it’s time to take a look at one of the best games from a betting perspective as well. This game here has the potential to not only be just a great game, but possibly one of the best of the entire playoffs. The Seattle Seahawks may have made the playoffs as the fifth seed and as a wild card, but they were as hot as any team coming into the postseason. That includes the Washington Redskins who are on a ridiculous winning streak that they used to win the NFC East in week 17. The Seahawks dropped some huge points in their final few games (outside of a week 17 match-up that didn’t mean much), and the Redskins won some huge games throughout the later part of the season. Now the two meet in Washington for a round one game, and kickoff is set for Sunday at 4:30pm EST. Both teams have rookie quarterbacks who have had stellar years, now the question is, which one will get the best of their opponent?

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Rookie QB Wilson Poised for Playoffs

The Seahawks started with just a strong defense and an offense that really focused on the run. Since that point though, the Hawks’ have started using Russell Wilson to do a little bit of everything, and he’s been one heck of a leader for Seattle. They also have a strong running back in Marshawn Lynch who has taken a ton of pressure off of Wilson and the rest of the offense. I love they way that Wilson plays and also how he can avoid turning the ball over in key situations. Wilson is a leader, and any doubts that people had about him coming into the NFL this season are now thrown out the window.

RG3 Playoff Ready

The Redskins are led by their ridiculously talented second pick Robert Griffin III. Griffin has been stellar, even after he suffered a knee injury late in the season. He’s not only a great passer, but he can do it with his legs (just like Wilson can), making him a serious threat. It’s not all Griffin though, as the Redskins have another rookie running back in Alfred Morris who has been stellar this year, and actually broke the rushing yardage record for the Redskins franchise as well. The only issue is the pass defense for the Redskins, which will have their work cut out for them against Wilson.

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Seattle Seahawks vs. Washington Redskins Betting Prediction

I was definitely interested to see what this line started at, and I think having the Seahawks as the -3 point favorites is right. Seattle is a scary team, and even though the Redskins are on a crazy win streak I think that Seattle is the better team right now. I noticed last week that Griffin III seems to not be running as he was at the beginning of the season due to that knee injury, and that could be an issue in this game. I think that it’ll be a fight throughout here, but that the Seahawks are going to get the win and move on to the second round thanks to another strong game from Russell Wilson. Seahawks by a touchdown and cover the -3 point spread.