Heartbeat of the game becomes faster with NFL season rushes in you life. Make the right choice with best NFL betting lines, compare teams, find out more about injuries, learn more about the latest news and just have a good time watching live streaming videos. Make your sports betting a real convenience.

You can compare football betting lines provided by various online sportsbooks. Choose the best only and don’t forget that online betting can be tricky enough. Always set your money limit and don’t make hasty decisions. Enjoy this truly an American classic game with the opportunity to win real money.

NFL Betting Spreads

A wise mathematician invented spread betting for us to simplify our lives. They show the odds on who is supposed to win the game. However, whether this system is really simple? Do you know how NFL betting spreads work? Let’s check the following sample to sort everything out.

Team Point Spread Moneyline Total
Denver Broncos +2 (-110) +130 22O(-110)
Atlanta Falcons -2(-110) -150 22U(-110)

Moneyline wager allows you to choose who will win the game. For example, above we see the Denver Broncos are +130. It means this team is the underdog. This number +130 means that for every $100 wagered you can win $130.

There is no need to wager $100. The betting line is a payout ratio odds that scaled to your actual wager. The Atlanta Falcons is the favorite in this example. You have to risk $150 to win $100.

The other most popular wager in NFL football betting is the Point Spread. To win the wager you need to cover the Point Spread. The point spread of the Atlanta Falcons in our sample is -2 (-110). In other words, you need the Atlanta Falcons have a final score beating the Denver Broncos by 3 or more points. In this case you win.

The (-110) is the “juice” on the wager. There is standard 10% commission on all wagers set by online sportsbooks.

The Denver Broncos +2(-110) is the Underdog. To win you should wager the Ney York Giants will lose the game with 1 point or less. If the final score is a margin of 2 points, there will be a Push and your wager amount will be returned to you.

And the last in this table is a Total Wager. This is a bet on the OVER/UNDER for the total score of the combined teams. This score is count at the end of the game. Here we have the Total 22 (-110). To win you need the total score of 23 points. Don’t forget these are points combined for both teams. If the total score is 22, there will be a PUSH with your wager returned to you.

The above mentioned sample of NFL online betting line is for the full game. There also can be NFL betting lines for 1st Quarter (1Q), 1st Half (1H) and 2nd Half (2H). Check them to follow all the changes in the NFL season.

College Football Spreads

A premier offering with various sportsbooks to choose the best spreads featured for college football teams. Take the guess work out of your online sports betting decisions. Rely on statistics only to analyse and make smart wagers only. Compare and select your college team to win your so awaited award.

NFL College Teams

All the necessary information about teams, their key players, recent injuries and other crucial facts that can determine the end of the game. Count on us making your wager. Choose a bookmaker with a heart relying on your intuition, but also don’t forget about facts to rely on your wisdom and logic. Watch the matches and take advantage of live betting. NFL power rankings help you to become a pro and keep winning with your favourite teams.

Super Bowl Line

Every NFL team strives to fight for Super Bowl. Elite teams as well as sleepers are ready to join the top echelon. Learn the predictions of all eight divisions to make the right decision. Of course, with all the teams motivated to reach Super Bowl match, some surprises can appear. However, analyse all the participants of the NFL championship and make your wager. Super Bowl lines presented by various bookmakers make your choice among 12 teams more easier. And of course, hard to resist.

American Football Picks

With American football there are no one team or some determined teams that win championship every year. Thus, to predict who wins this season is really a challenge that makes this game really absorbing. Every team has the opportunity to win. The best players can be found within any team with the equal chances to get the so desired aim. Check the latest American football picks to find out who is supposed to win the main trophy.